Initiating the web portal, the Bihar government intends for authorized personnel – including veterinarians and mahadalit schemes para-veterinary staff – to access data associated with this scheme project readily. This online platform aims to facilitate a convenient log-in process and information retrieval for these professionals.

The Vikas Mission operates the Bihar Mahadalit Vikas Mission login Program in Patna. This mission has a societal upliftment objective: to enhance conditions for the marginalized and underprivileged sections of society—specifically, the Mahadalits. It achieves this through various welfare schemes and socio-economic development opportunities provided exclusively for them.

Know About Mahadalit Schemes

Initiating a commendable initiative known as (Bihar Mobile Veterinary Medicare), the Bihar government extends its support to farmers in Bihar who possess cattle and other animals. Special project vehicles traverse remote locations, delivering medicine and rendering aid to ailing animals.

The Bihar government has created a website Login for mahadalit schemes; this proactive step aims to enhance project management. The platform is open for universal utilization–a strategic move towards improved operational efficiency.


Keeping the following in mind, The Mission has formulated several innovative plans and programs to empower the designated Mahadalit Castes – an effort marked by strategic creativity, a commitment underscored with relentless determination.

  • To provide the families of the landless Mahadalit people a place to live.
  • The aim is to establish a sustainable, clean drinking water and sanitation system, improve the quality of life for the Mahadalit population, and alleviate current disparities in accessibility to these services.
  • By current government policies and legal frameworks, we actively endeavour to bolster and enrich the educational system within Mahadalit households.
  • Enrolling and ensuring the retention of students from Mahadalit households necessitates designating a Local Resource Person (Vikas Mitra). This individual will maintain close communication with the Mahadalit communities, oversee program execution, and be an essential link between educational initiatives and these underprivileged families.
  • Our objective is to enhance the traditional skills of the Mahadalit community and offer tailor-made vocational training programs aligned with their cultural traditions and youth interests; thus, we aim to provide economic empowerment.
  • Empowerment of female Mahadalits.
  • To enhance and fortify Mahadalit families’ access to prompt, high-quality healthcare services.
  • To mainstream the Mahadalit people and conserve and advance their unique culture.
  • To protect the right to information.
  • To bolster and sustain communication and transportation infrastructure.
  • This is our objective to facilitate the seamless implementation of government programs at the operational level.

How do You Register Page?

You must have authorization to sign up for login to this scheme. If indeed you are authorized, follow these simple steps–

  •  First of all, visit the official website homepage
  •  Click on “Register” below the login button.
  •  Fill in your information on the next page and click “Submit”.
  • Upon the administrator’s approval of your registration, an email containing your login details will be dispatched to you.
  • Use your username and password to access the login site of BMVM Patna.

How to Login Portal?

To log in to this portal 2024, follow these easy steps:

  • First and foremost, visit the official bmvm patna login website; there, you’ll find a login page link.
  • Click, and you shall be directed to the login page. There, enter your username and password.
  • Tap on the ‘Login’ button.
  • Upon logging in, you may access and review the mahadalit schemes project information. Furthermore, an array of website features will be at your disposal for utilization.

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