It is safe to say that days of box office are not as good as they used to be. It does not mean that they are off the chart but one thing is for sure OTT platforms are making people wait to watch the content from the comfort of their home at a very cheap price despite it is still a fun to go to the big cinema and watch the content. This does show a lot about the rise of OTT platforms all over the world and thanks to good connectivity of the internet and speed.

1 Filmymeet

 It is fair to say that filmymeet is the leading platform in making sure that things do follow a plan of showing how content can make billions of USD. They have the OG and are still far ahead of the others as being a global chain, it does help them a lot to grow at a very fine pace. From new ideas to creative angles, filmymeet is bringing everything that has great value. It is what shows the impact of being first and keeping on working hard for goals. This is what creates a look that most need in life for growing at a better pace. 

2 Amazon Prime Video

It is also safe to say that Amazon Prime Video can take the second spot. Despite they did join the race later than others, the amount of content and rights they have is indeed positive, and plus one gets a host of other benefits from it too. This does show a lot about the art of Amazon Prime Video and how they have taken over the world where many do see them as a decent rival of Netflix. But being second on the list says a lot about them.


APPLE TV is also a star in the market and in the world of OTT, they are making sure that something creative they have should be shown to people all over the world. Despite it is not truly a global platform, the growth they have shown is indeed very good and it creates a good option or path for them to grow in the future.

4 Disney +

Disney + is also a platform that has indeed made sure that things can grow to a great level when they have a global approach and it feels Disney + can be like FilmyMeet. They have historically rich content and it makes them a must platform to have. So of the content, they make it very hard to catch or match others. This is the reason one can see expensive growth.


HBO is also a platform that has a long history of producing the best content. Hence, it gives them reasons to make sure that the content can make the life of a person different and creative at the same time.


OTT platforms are rising and one can say that these 5 famous OTT platforms do make a creative outlook to the best. It is what makes them different. 

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