We love the spontaneous website interface, which makes successively checks easy FaceCheck ID downloads. Also, reports are mechanically deleted after 24 hours, but you can create a perpetual link for future reference. You can also contact the side to have your photos removed after the database.

We’ve awarded FaceCheck ID a 4.5/5 for producing near-accurate reports, even though we know a downtime of 7 minutes. You can use it for basic criminal background checks besides catfish detection on social media. Sadly, you cannot download the report, but you can produce a permanent link for future reference and division by clicking on the link under the report.

Face Check. ID Download is a new-generation face gratitude tool that you can use to know the definite identity of people based on photos. It uses AI and machine learning to check the comparison of the uploaded photo to millions of extra images in its database. 

What Is Face Check ID Download?

FaceCheck ID is software powered by false intellect and machine learning. It forms your photo or someone’s photo for similarities to other images posted on social media, pedophile folders, mugshots, news & blogs, videos, and defrauder databases. 

Please note that FaceCheck ID does not work with a mobile app. There is a swindler app on Google Play with the same name; besides, we have confirmed with FaceCheck ID that they are taking vigorous actions to take it down.

FaceCheck ID Download Main Features

FaceCheck ID is a simple yet influential face recognition software. Here are the core features.

Powerful Facial Recognition Technology

FaceCheck ID is mechanically based on AI facial recognition technology. It uses these two technologies to rub the internet for photos similar to the uploaded image by looking at facial features such as eyes, nose, ears, skin color, and more. 

Huge Database of Human Images

The folder has millions of images from multiple causes such as social media platforms, news websites, blogs, and sex wrongdoers and scammers databases. It uses machine learning; then, the database is continuously rationalized. 


The FaceCheck ID website is planned with the users’ needs in mind. It’s utterly informal to use, and no prior experience is mandatory. You only need to upload a photo of the person you hunger to do a background check on, agree to the terms, and click the search button to jerk the process.

Privacy and Security Features

FaceCheck ID is keen on caring for its user’s data. You can check whether your photos are in the database besides requesting removal by contacting the support team on the website. 

Once you complete a check, the uploaded photo and the account are not indexed. They are deleted robotically after 24 hours. It also doesn’t record IP addresses and only uses photos uploaded online and publicly available to produce the report. 


FaceCheck ID is an advanced face gratitude software that uses AI and machine erudition to run background checks using photos. You can appeal to the company to delete your pictures from the database.

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