Online platforms that offer interactive virtual classrooms have modernized traditional learning techniques in the age of technological breakthroughs. Joinpd, an interactive teaching and learning technology that has revolutionized digital learning, is one such cutting-edge platform.

What Is

Joinpd, commonly known as Pear Deck, is an educational technology website that primarily serves teachers and students. It serves as an interactive presentation tool that gives teachers the ability to create and manage online slides while also involving their students. The platform’s real-time engagement feature, which allows users to engage with the content directly and promotes active learning, is its key differentiator.

The  Features of (Pear Deck), which was created to make the teaching-learning process more dynamic and engaging, enables teachers to show slides while simultaneously keeping an eye on student interactions. It offers a wide range of interactive slides with question forms like multiple-choice, text answer, numeric, and drawing slides and works flawlessly with Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. Additionally, the platform gives teachers the ability to create unique presentations that fit particular learning goals.

 Through’s formative assessment function, teachers may evaluate student understanding in real time. To entice reserved pupils to join more actively, it provides an incognito mode. Additionally, the platform offers asynchronous learning, enabling students to review lectures whenever it’s convenient for them.

How to join JoinPD?

·         By inputting the code on, you can join a Pear Deck session.

·         A Pear Deck session can be joined using a connecting link or code.

·         Students must click the link or enter the join code at after selecting their email account.

·         To access the discussions and threads for the pear deck after joining the session, click the “join session” button. 

Pear deck advantages –

 For professionals in the domains of project management, business analysis, and agile development, PearDeck is a free online learning environment that provides interesting, interactive, and self-paced courses. For experts wishing to improve their abilities or quickly and easily acquire new techniques, it is a terrific resource.

Free educational tutorials and courses are available on JoinPD com on a number of subjects. Students can participate in interactive lectures and conversations from the convenience of their own homes or offices by joining Pear Deck sessions. Teachers can keep track of each student’s work using the Takeaways assessment tool and export it to a Google Sheet for more in-depth evaluation.

 Participants in Pear Deck can use to join online classes, sessions, or presentations. This makes it simple for professionals who wish to take the course but are unable to attend in person. In general, Pear Deck is a fantastic resource for professionals wishing to rapidly and easily improve their skills.

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