If you are an enthusiast of playing Rocket League then you must be aware of the importance of items that are required to customize your cars. Getting these excellent items that improve the performance of your car is not easy to get. But worry not as here we are going to talk about RL Exchange. An amazing platform designed especially for Rocket League players. Thus, keep reading this informative blog till the very end. 

Know About RL Exchange

Rocket League which is often abbreviated as RL Exchange, is a platform designed for the players of Rocket Leagues. Through this platform, the players can get their hands on valuable items and merchandise at the best prices. All these in-game items are available for Xbox, PS, and PC, which can be purchased or traded on this platform. Among all these offerings you will also get other options to choose from like wheels, boots, toppers, etc. And in case you are not able to locate any item in the shopping section, then there comes the role of trading, where you can trade your items for other items owned by players. 

Reasons To Choose RL Exchange

RL Exchange has a long list of reasons that have made this platform a lucrative option for all Rocket League players. We have discussed some of the most applauded reasons for the access here. 

  • Extensive Variety:  Users and players get an extensive collection of parts and items, that will help them in customizing their cars. With these customized cars players can play games and win impressively. 
  • Trading: Through the use of the platform you not only ghetto shop for goodies and items. Instead, you also get the option to trade any particular item to get your desired parts, that might not be available in the shopping section. 
  • Cross-Platform Exchange: Players can’t only share the items within the same platform, rather they also get the feature of cross-platform exchange. With this feature, you can share your items from XBOX to  PC, PS to PC, XBOX to PS, and many other platforms. 
  • Secure & Refunds: When you purchase any item with the use of RL Exchange, you make the payment for the same in a secure way. Because the payment gateway used by the platform is GPay and other big reliable sources. Apart from this you also get a smooth refund policy, to manage the queries of the customers. 
  • Affordable Prices: All the items available on this platform are at an affordable price. When compared to other sites offering the same service, the quality as well as the price range of the same is very pocket-friendly for the players. 

Steps To Do RL Exchange Registration

Steps To Do RL Exchange Registration

Though you might get excited as well as hast to purchase items from RL Exchange, let me tell you that, you first need to complete the registration process. To register yourself on this platform you can follow up the below-mentioned steps. 

  • The first step is to tap open any “Browser” of your choice and use the same to navigate the official website of RL Exchange.
  • From the appearing SERPs,  you need to select the result that appears official to you. 
  • As you enter the main dashboard of the platform, you need to click on the “Register” option from the right corner. 
  • On the appearing page, you are required to fill in your Email Address and password and agree to the terms and conditions of the site. 
  • Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, you need to tap on the “Register” button to complete the RL Exchange Registration.

Note: The RL Exchange Login process is similar to the registration process. Thus, you follow these same steps to complete your login.  

How To Trade With RL Exchange?

In case you are not able to locate your desired items in the shopping section of the RL Exchange, then you trade items to acquire items of your same. And for trading your items for some other items you can follow these mentioned steps. 

  • You need to utilize any “Browser” of your choice to look for the official website of the RL Exchange. 
  • Upon landing on the official website, you will locate the list of available items for trading.
  • Moving ahead you need to make sure that both players are using a similar platform like PC, XBOX, PS, etc. to make the trading process smooth. 
  • As soon as you a request to your trading partner by selecting items from the trading inventory section on the dashboard. 
  • On the right-hand side, you will see the items that are offered to you for your items. 
  • Next, you need to add the items of your choice and you are required to press the “Accept” button to end the trade.
  • Finally, the trade will end when both sides mark their intent within the 5-second grace period, you will receive your traded items. 

Note: Players do get the option to trade items on cross-platform but remember that the list of items is very limited. 

Is RL Exchange Legit And Safe To Access?

Yes! The RL Exchange is a safe and legal platform to access, and this is so because the platform is registered under the business that provides items to personalize cars. Users or players can buy any item of their choice from the wide platform offerings. Once you select the item for purchase you will be asked to pay for the chosen items with the safe and secure payment gateways. Furthermore, whenever you feel unsure about your purchased items, you also get the service to claim your refund. 


Overall with our research and provided content, we can agree that RL Exchange is a good and professional platform for buying Rocket League items.  The platonic and never-ending item collection of the platform enables the players to customize their cars as preferred. Above all with the availability of trading options, the players also get a golden opportunity from where they can get their hands on some unique items. Thus, if you also wish to get a new and platonic experience with the Rocket Leagues, then you can try your hands on this platform without having any safety concerns.

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